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Internet Connectivity

Simple, Nationwide Broadband Connectivity

Today, Internet connectivity is a crucial component of virtually any business. But for some businesses, it is critical to their success. It's a competitive world out there. So keeping ahead of the competition means having access to critical information when you need it. It also means making important data available to your employees quickly, whether they work at home, at small branch offices, in retail stores, or just need to work from home once they leave the office. Too often, keeping connected means slow dial-up service or, worse yet, expensive and slow frame relay connections. Broadband changes everything - with a cost-effective, high-speed, "always-on" connectivity solution. However, finding the "right" business grade broadband service to meet your needs and working through the deployment process can be a real drain on most companies; not to mention ongoing broadband management and support. What you need is a cost-effective, nationwide broadband solution that is easy to deploy, manage and support. Adaptive Solutions, together with Intrapower can offer Internet access which will allow you to communicate more effectively with your customers, partners, suppliers, employees and other stakeholders.

The Right Broadband Service for Every Situation

Selecting an Internet provider that delivers superior performance and service for a competitive price is as important as selecting the right banker, lawyer or any other service that your business depends on. That's why companies need to ask the right questions before making this important decision:

  • What provider has the broadest and deepest selection of Internet connectivity options?
  • What provider has great capabilities and a solid reputation when it comes to customer service?
  • What provider has continuously invested in systems to ensure the reliability and dependability of your connection and support?

Broadband Access Highlights

A product can be a singular item or a combination of items in a "bundle". These items (products) vary depending on Partner Type. Below is an example product list some of which are detailed in the solutions sections of each partner type.

  • Data Services
  • Internet
  • Voice
  • VoiP (Voice over internet protocol)
  • VOD (Video on Demand)
  • EFTPOS over IP (Electronic Funds Transfer at Point of Sale - over IP)
  • MPN (Managed Private Network)
  • VPN (Virtual Private Network
  • Web-based Management Access

Broadband Access Benefits

Features Benefits
Nationwide Broadband Internet Access Maximizes productivity with high-speed, cost-effective DSL, Cable, and other services
Firewall Router Provides security while offering flexibility for staff  to use both personal and company
Proven, Turnkey Broadband Deployment Processes Reduces complexity and cost of deploying and scaling broadband Internet access
24 x 7 Technical Support Minimizes mean time to repair, maximizes availability and optimizes network performance
Consolidated Web-based Reporting Provides insight into broadband provisioning and support status across all access technologies and providers
Flexible Billing Options Allows companies to structure their billing to meet different accounting policies
Service Level Agreements (SLAs) Guarantees broadband provisioning times and problem response and resolution times

News and Current Promotions

Adaptive Solutions signs Channel Partnership Agreement with Intrapower

Adaptive Solutions has announced that it has signed a Channel Partnership Agreement with Intrapower, who is a provider of premium IP protocol based professional services and products.  Adaptive Solutions will sell, service and support its full line of Internet services including ADSL, SHDSL, Frame Relay and other connectivity services. This agreement allows Adaptive Solutions to supply its clients with a feature rich product suite at cost effective pricing.