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Offsite Data Storage

Offsite Storage Is Essential

Onsite storage facilities are usually inadequate
Most storage environments are inadequate for the storage of backup media. Factors such as the type of storage cabinet (is it certified for data?), temperature, humidity, dust, etc influence whether you can count on your backups working in a disaster. To maintain a suitable onsite storage facility is expensive, distracts employees, and requires scarce management time.

Offsite storage is essential
If you experience a fire or flood, if your system and onsite backups are stolen, or if disgruntled staff destroy onsite data, your offsite backups are essential for survival of your business.

Storage at home, in a briefcase, etc is inadequate
The majority of businesses that keep offsite backups store them at a staff member’s home, in a briefcase, in a car, etc. This is not adequate, and is often less suitable than your office. You are depending on the reliability and honesty of individuals, the environment could damage the media, and individual backups are not properly accounted for or managed.

Senior management could be exposed to litigation
Senior management have a responsibility to take reasonable care of system data, which includes ensuring that there are secure offsite backups. If you do not have offsite backups, or if they are not stored in a secure environment, this can render management responsible for losses incurred by creditors, bankers, shareholders, customers, etc.

Adaptive Solutions through our partners at Vault Central provides professional offsite data storage and disaster recovery services. 

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Adaptive Solutions has announced that it has signed a Channel Partnership Agreement with Intrapower, who is a provider of premium IP protocol based professional services and products.  Adaptive Solutions will sell, service and support its full line of Internet services including ADSL, SHDSL, Frame Relay and other connectivity services. This agreement allows Adaptive Solutions to supply its clients with a feature rich product suite at cost effective pricing.