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Remote Access and inter-branch connectivity

Business runs on information. Yet getting the right information securely, easily and instantly to everyone who needs it, when they need it, is difficult. And it's becoming more difficult as more and more people are conducting business remotely-unpredictably moving from location to location, using multiple access devices, and connecting with a wide range of heterogeneous applications over wired, wireless and Web networks.

This fundamental need explains why Remote Access infrastructure has become a core business system that drives competitive advantage. Access infrastructure addresses one of the basic technical challenges businesses face today: the need to provide secure access to private information over both trusted and untrusted networks. It does this by securely connecting devices, networks and applications into a system, consolidating applications into a central location for more efficient management and effective control, and providing secure, easy and instant access to any information source, for any authorised user, from anywhere, using any connection.

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Adaptive Solutions signs Channel Partnership Agreement with Intrapower

Adaptive Solutions has announced that it has signed a Channel Partnership Agreement with Intrapower, who is a provider of premium IP protocol based professional services and products.  Adaptive Solutions will sell, service and support its full line of Internet services including ADSL, SHDSL, Frame Relay and other connectivity services. This agreement allows Adaptive Solutions to supply its clients with a feature rich product suite at cost effective pricing.