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Solution Implementation

Controlling projects to eliminate surprises.

Specifying and proposing industry accepted solutions, physical network design, estimating the time and effort required to implement the requirement, and preparing the project for deployment.

Each project is managed by us on behalf of our clients and follows and combination or all of the Adaptive Solutions Project Methodology.  Based on a comprehensive yet flexible set of steps and tasks the methodology Adaptive Solutions uses ensures consistent, accountable and measurable project success.

The Adaptive Solutions project methodology model is based on six interdependent, and multi-disciplined roles:

  1. Strategic Management:
    Identify the organisation's business needs and the needs of the end users and ensuring that those needs are met.
  2. Project Management:
    Deliver within project constraints, managing the project schedule and budget, reporting project status, managing risk factors, and managing the functional design of the deployment.
  3. Implementation:
    Specifying the required features, physical design, estimating the time, and effort required to develop each feature, and preparing the project for deployment.
  4. Testing:
    Ensure that the solution is released into the production environment only after all quality issues have been identified and resolved.
  5. User Experience:
    Ensures that the solution meets the users' needs by gathering, analysing, and prioritising requirements and developing user training.
  6. Release management:
    By designing and managing a pilot deployment, the release management ensures that the solution is sufficiently stable for deployment into the production environment.

News and Current Promotions

Adaptive Solutions signs Channel Partnership Agreement with Intrapower

Adaptive Solutions has announced that it has signed a Channel Partnership Agreement with Intrapower, who is a provider of premium IP protocol based professional services and products.  Adaptive Solutions will sell, service and support its full line of Internet services including ADSL, SHDSL, Frame Relay and other connectivity services. This agreement allows Adaptive Solutions to supply its clients with a feature rich product suite at cost effective pricing.